Get Started With the Plugin

Noteable Notebook Plugin brings the power of computational notebooks to ChatGPT. Learn more about Noteable at and follow us on Twitter.

How to get plugin access?

Plugin access is currently available to all ChatGPT Plus users. To enable plugins, go to the Settings option for your username as shown here, and then go the Beta features section to enable plugins:

Install Noteable Notebook plugin

To install the Noteable plugin, you’ll need to use the GPT-4 model and then select Plugins (beta) from the dropdown list as shown here:
After selecting the plug-in model then you can install plugins by expanding the “No plugins enabled” dropdown:
Click the "Plugin Store" option here:
Find the Noteable plug-in and click install:

Login to Noteable (or create new account)

When you first install the Noteable plugin you will be redirected to login to your existing noteable account, or create a new noteable account.
Note: if you're already logged into your Noteable account, ChatGPT will automatically connect to it.

Set your default project

Next you can set your default project. You can create a new project in Noteable or use an existing project. Simply copy and paste the URL into ChatGPT and tell it to use that as your default project:

Start using the plugin

Now you can start using ChatGPT to create and interact with notebooks: