What can the plugin do for you

Examples of how you can interact with the ChatGPT Plugin
Learn about the many things the ChatGPT Plugin can do for you:

Notebook Authoring

Creating notebooks

Ask ChatGPT to create a notebook for you based on a topic you're interested in.
What to see the results of that prompt? View the notebook here!

Updating the content of a specific cell

You can ask ChatGPT to update specific cells by using the Copy Link to Cell option and then asking ChatGPT to update or improve the content within that cell:

Continue Working on an Existing Notebook:

You can ask ChatGPT to continue to work on an existing notebook, either one you previously created in the Noteable UI or one that you previously created in ChatGPT. Simply copy and paste the URL for the notebook and tell ChatGPT what you want to add to that notebook:

Accessing Noteable Resources:

Access Local Files

One of the big benefits of using the Noteable ChatGPT Plugin is that the Plugin has access to all of your resources within Noteable. So if you upload a file to the project that the plugin is using you can tell ChatGPT "access this file":

Access Secrets Stored within Noteable:

Just like above, you can also tell ChatGPT to access any secrets you have stored within Noteable, for example when you want to connect to external APIs that require a API token:

General ChatGPT interactions

Most often ChatGPT will include in its response a link to the notebook it has been working on for you, but if it doesn't simply ask it to provide you with the link:

Keep working

Sometimes ChatGPT itself runs out of space to finish a request. To make it pick up where it left off, simple type Continue