Secrets permissions

Secrets are stored & encrypted credentials that users can access from their notebooks to connect to external data stores. This article covers the set of permissions that exist for secrets.


Access to a secret is determined by the secret’s visibility.

Private visibility

When a secret's visibility is set to private:
  • Only the user who created the secret can see, manage, or use the secret.
  • The secret is accessible anywhere in Noteable.

Space visibility

When a secret's visibility is set to space-level:
  • Both Owners and Contributors of the space can manage or use the space's secrets.
  • The secret is only accessible from within the designated space.
A secret's visibility is set during the creation process and cannot be edited later.
To learn more about how to create, manage, and use secrets, read Store credentials for data & applications.
All secrets that a user has access to, private or space-level, are loaded into the environment when the user starts a kernel. Other users who are collaborating on the same kernel will have access to these secrets (and not their own) for the duration of the kernel session.

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