Project permissions

A project is a way to organize your work within spaces and contains all of your notebooks, folders, and files. This section describes how to set permissions & visibility options for projects.

User roles

Project permissions can be assigned to users in the following roles:
  • Viewer: users who can view the project and nested objects.
  • Contributor: collaborators who have edit access to the project and can perform any operation except to delete the project.
  • Owner: the user who owns the project and the only user who can delete or rename the project.
List project contents
Copy, download, and export files & notebooks in the project
Create notebooks, files & folders in project
Change project access & visibility
Edit project name & description
Delete project
To learn how to share a project with others: Share projects
To make it easier to collaborate, projects have an inherited group permission called Everybody @ <space> that defaults to the Contributor role. This inherited permission can be changed by using the Share menu. See the image below for help.
Remove group access


Visibility settings control who can see a project and its contents. Project-level Contributors & Owners can manage these options from the Share menu:
  • Private: accessible only by specified users.
  • Open: accessible by all users in the organization.
The visibility setting at the project-level will become the default visibility for objects created in the project unless overridden by explicit permissions.

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