Space permissions

A space allows users to organize assets and collaborate with others on projects and notebooks in a virtual workspace. This section describes how to set permissions & visibility options for spaces.

User roles

Space access can be assigned to users in the following roles:
  • Viewer: users who can view the space and nested objects.
  • Contributor: collaborators who have edit access to the space and can perform any operation except to delete the space.
  • Owner: the user who owns the space and the only user who can delete or rename the space.
List space contents
Create projects in space
Change space access & visibility
Edit space name & description
See or use space-level resources
Delete space
To learn how to share a space with others: Share spaces


Visibility settings control who can see a space and its contents. On dedicated clusters, space-level Contributors & Owners can manage these options from the Share menu:
  • Private: accessible only by specified users.
  • Open: accessible by all users in the organization.
Spaces on multi-tenant clusters are set to private and this cannot be changed.
The visibility setting at the space-level will become the default visibility for objects created in the space unless overridden by explicit permissions.

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