Create your first visualization

This tutorial will show you how to get started quickly with visualizing your data.

Create your first visualization.

Users can easily create a visualization any time data is returned within Noteable, either as an output to a Python cell or as the result of a SQL cell query.
Initially, users are greeted with the table data wrangler, but by using the options within the DEX left sidebar, users can easily click to explore a wide variety of visualizations.

Choose Your Own Visualization

Easily select from one of the 40+ visualization types supported within DEX:

Jump Start Your Exploration with Data Prism

Don't know which visualization type to use? No problem! Let DEX suggest visualizations that may be well suited for your data by using Data Prism:

Update your visualization settings

And at any point you can change the settings for your visualization by clicking the Configure button:

Learn more

Want more information? Explore our full documentation on all the chart types within DEX here.