Create your first visualization

This tutorial will show you how to get started quickly with visualizing your data.

Create your first visualization.

Users can easily create a visualization any time data is returned within Noteable, either as an output to a Python cell or as the result of a SQL cell query.
Initially, users are greeted with the table data wrangler, but by using the options within the DEX left sidebar, users can easily click to explore a wide variety of visualizations.

Try a basic visualization

To try out a basic visualization, select from one of the first options you see here:

Open the DEX sidebar

If you don’t see the DEX sidebar open for your dataset, simply click on the

Explore additional visualization types

Going further, there are a number of additional visualization types that you can explore through the dropdown menu:

Update your visualization settings

And at any point you can change the settings for your visualization within the DEX sidebar:

Learn more

Want more information? Explore our full documentation on all the chart types within DEX here.