Plans and Billing

Questions & answers about plans and pricing
Noteable currently offers 3 plans: Free, Pro, and Enterprise. You can read more about the features of each plan on our Pricing page.

How do I upgrade my plan?

Users can upgrade to the Pro plan within the user account settings.
If you need to upgrade to the Enterprise plan, please schedule a quick chat with our team here.

How do I manage or cancel my plan?

You can manage or cancel your plan from within the user settings.
Canceling your plan will cancel the bill cycle as of the next month, and you can continue to use the features of Pro plan for the rest of the current billing cycle.

How do I download a receipt/invoice?

To download a receipt or invoice, go to your "User & Account Settings" and click the "Manage" button as shown above. You'll then be directed to a Stripe page where at the bottom you'll see your previous payments alongside a link to view and download the receipts/invoices.