Embed Outputs

Another great way to share the results of your analysis is to use the Embed Output feature within Noteable. This allows you to generate an Iframe embeddable object that you can use in other web applications. When used with DEX outputs, it even provides interactivity with any saved views and bookmarked filters.

Getting started

To get started with embedding, first select the cell ouptut you want to embed within a Noteable notebook. Then click the option shown below to generate the HTML embed code as shown below. Finally, copy the iframe embed code and paste that into any web application that supports iframes.

Interactive Embeds with DEX

When the cell output you are embedding contains DEX visualizations, the embedded output will support interactivity with any saved views or bookmarked filters, as shown in this simple embed example:

Disable an embed

If you ever need to disable an embed, click the icon below and select disable embed output. Disabling an embed means that output can no longer be rendered outside of Noteable.