Publish Notebooks

Learn how to publish notebooks in Noteable
Publishing a notebook allows users in your organization to interact with the notebook’s content and visualizations in their own personal playground. Authors control what content to publish, who can interact with the notebook, and if users can execute the notebook.

To publish a notebook:

Publish Current Version
Publish an Existing Version
  • Click the Publish button at the top of the notebook page
  • From the version sidebar, pick a version to publish.
  • You can choose an existing named version, or create a new named version to publish.
  • Click on the … menu next to the version you’d like to publish and select “Publish” from the menu.

Configure your published notebook

  • If publishing the current version, a named saved version will be created as the checkpoint for your published notebook. You can optionally edit the name of this version.
  • Give your published notebook a name and, optionally, a description.
    • By default, the name will carry over from the source notebook.
    • If desired, the author can provide a new unique name for the published notebook.
  • Select the visibility for the published notebook:
    • Open - Any logged-in user with a link to the published notebook can access
    • Public - Any user on the internet with this link can access
    • Inherited - Only users who had access to the source notebook will be able to access
  • Select the content to display in your published notebook.
    • A side-by-side preview will show the entire contents of the original source notebook beside the selected sections for the published notebook.
    • Content for the published notebook can be selected individually in the side-by-side view or be bulk-selected with the checkbox options to include all text cells, code cells, or cell outputs.
  • Select whether users will be allowed to execute the published notebook.
    • Note: To ensure reproducibility, when “Allow users to execute” is selected, all project files from the project of the source notebook will be automatically included in the execution environment for users of the published notebook.
  • Click the “Publish” to finish publishing the notebook.
    • After publishing a notebook, the application will redirect you to the source notebook version page, where you can manage the published notebook.

Updating or editing a published notebook

To update an existing published notebook:
  • Click the "Update" button at the top of the notebook page:
  • When more recent versions of a notebook exist since it was last published, the update button will contain a blue dot indicating that the user could update the published notebook content if necessary.

Executing a published notebook:

When executing a published notebook, users receive a personal playground in which to execute it. The execution environment they start will be exclusively for their own use and any changes they make to the published notebook will only be displayed to themselves and be retained temporarily for up to 24 hours.

Copy and Save a published notebook

To save a unique copy of the published notebook, simple click the “Copy and Edit” button. If you had many any edits to the published notebook, the “Copy & Edit” button will change to say “Unsaved Changes” and clicking the button will allow you to save a copy of the published notebook which includes all of the changes you have made.