Scheduling and Orchestration

Noteable provides integrations with common scheduling and orchestration services, as well as provides a path for easy integration to the widely used Papermill approach of notebook scheduling.
Scheduling allows for headless execution of a notebook, meaning the ability to run the notebook programmatically as opposed to running the notebook as a user of the web browser. Scheduling also allows for parameterized execution of notebooks: you can programmatically pass in parameters which get utilized as the notebook is executed.
You can schedule a notebook to run on a fixed schedule, or with the help of a third-party orchestration service to run as part of a larger Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) or data pipeline.
Noteable’s scheduling framework is built around the popular open-source library Papermill which provides::
  • An easy approach to parameterizing notebooks
  • Consistently updated executions
  • Seamless integration with a commonly used and understood OSS technology
Below is a listing of currently supported scheduling integrations with more integrations coming online soon. You can also easily build your own integrations if you’re already using Papermill to schedule notebooks. Please contact us if you’re interested in any integrations not listed here.