Using Git within Noteable

Noteable makes it easy for you to work with data and files from a remote git repo.
Noteable allows you to create a new project from a clone of a remote Git repository. In this project, you may work within Noteable on all the data and files from that remote git repo.
Currently, Noteable supports integration with GitHub and GitLab. Contact us at [email protected] if the Git integration you’d like to use is not yet available.

Getting started: Clone a project from a remote Git repo.

To create a new Noteable project based on a clone of a remote Git repo:
  • Click Create New Project
  • Give the project a name and (optionally) a description.
  • Select the “Clone from GitHub” checkbox to have the new project be a clone of an existing remote GitHub repo.
  • Enter the URL for the GitHub Repository.
  • Enter the branch you’d use.
  • (Optional) Enter your personal access token.
    • Note: cloning a private GitHub repo requires a personal access token. For a public repository, a personal access token with permission to the repository is need to push commits back to that public repository.

Working with files within Noteable

After you create the project, you will see all of the files and folders contained in the remote Git repository at the time of the project’s creation. You can open, modify, delete, or create new files within Noteable.

Identifying local changes within Noteable

As you make changes to your files within your git-backed Noteable project, the project file tree will show a listing of any files that have been added, modified or deleted:

Collaborating within Noteable on a Git-based project

As a Noteable Project, a Project based on a remote git repository provides Noteable’s rich collaboration experience. You can invite collaborators to the project or specific files. Collaborators can work with you on notebook files, comment, and exchange ideas.
The Project’s creator has responsibility for updating the remote repository that they cloned. If collaborators also wish to contribute their changes directly to the remote repository, they should create a personal clone of the remote repository as a Noteable Git-based Project.

Manage your Git Project

To manage your git project, such as updating the personal access token used for authentication, click the “Manage Git Project” button on the Project page.

Performing Git Actions

Throughout early 2023 we’ll be adding more and more functionality to allow users to perform their git workflows within the Noteable UI.